Shamanic Healing Services offered by Kathy Bastien

Shamanic Healing Session

A Shamanic Healing Session removes blocks and attachments to increase one's energy.

It promotes a foundation of transformation of self, life and the world as the shaman works with the seven gods of the earth, water, fire, air, plants, minerals, and animals.

This type of session becomes a cleansing ceremony. During the ceremony, learned from the Andean Yachak Shaman of Ecuador, Kathy calls upon the Spirits of the Three Sacred Volcanoes - Imbabura, Huamirasu, and Mojanda - as well as Pachamama - Mother Earth - and the universe, along with shaman guides, spirit animals and masters.


Soul Retrieval

Because a portion of the soul is free to leave the body it will do so when dreaming, or it will leave the body to protect itself from potentially damaging situations whether they are emotional or physical.

In situations of trauma the soul piece may not return to the body on its own, and a shaman, working with spirit animals or guides, has the power to intervene and return the soul essence.

It is highly recommended that a person has a follow-up session in two to three weeks after their soul retrieval. This is important because buried memories and feelings that the soul retrieval may bring up, have to be healed and cleared to complete the healing.


Feather Healing
For this type of healing work, Kathy uses a feather or feathers of her choice, as taught by Shamans Don Alberto Taxo, and Don Esteban of Ecuador.

The feather healing cleanses the aura of negative energy and replaces it with positive energy. By connecting with this element of nature - a bird feather - you invite connection and sensitivity to all of nature.