Shamanic Healing, Soul Retrieval, and Energy Work

offering relief from . . . stress, muscle tension, physical pain, emotional trauma, insomnia, and more!

Hummingbird symbolizes JOY - a feeling that everyone has a right to experience!

"Come with me on a journey to the upper world where you may encounter crystal cities, higher spirits, gods and goddesses, ascended masters, compassionate angelic forces.

Or come with me to the middle world where you will find the spirits of animals, trees, plants and rocks, mysteries of the earth and nature. They will all tell you a story and answer your questions.

Each journey is unique.

Each journey comes from the Heart of the Shaman.

Come and play!"


Kathy Bastien

Shamanic Healer and energy worker Kathy Bastien can bring you relief through the multiple healing methods she uses. These gentle approaches encompass adjusting body, mind and spirit by using the universal life force energy known as Qi that flows through every living thing.

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