About a Healing Session

Goals of a Shamanic Healing Session

  • Removes blocks and attachments to increase one's energy
  • Promotes a foundation of transformation of Self, Life and the World as the Shaman works with the seven Gods of the Earth, Water, Air, Plants, Minerals, Animals and of course Earth.
  • Becomes a cleansing ceremony. During the ceremony, learned from the Andean Yachak Shaman of Ecuador, Kathy calls upon the Spirits of the Three Sacred Volcanoes - Imbabura, Huamirasu, and Mojanda - as well as Pachamama - Mother Earth - and the universe.

What is a Typical Shamanic Healing Session Like?

In shamanic healing, the practitioner serves as an instrument for spirits that wish to help heal those on the Earthly plane. Thus, when Kathy Bastien does a session, she listens for guidance from spirit as to which method or combination of methods are needed for best results.Therefore, each session is uniquely tailored for each individual client.

Some of the instruments used during a session include:

Rattle—using the sound vibration to open chakras for accessing for working.

Drums—to help put everyone into a light trance so they can better  receive messages coming in.

VoiceWhistling is used to call the client’s animal spirit in. Toning is used by the shaman to express whatever is going on in a chakra. The tones come out as various sounds such as crying, or high or low pitched tones. As the sounds clarify to pure tones, the shaman knows that blockages in the body are clearing.

Feather smudging—brings in the air element to help cleanse the negative and replace it with positive energy. Connecting to this element of nature, invites connection and sensitivity to all of nature.

Spirit Animals—assist with healing by helping to break up or remove what needs to go, or to offer comfort such as lying over the heart of the client. Often Kathy sees an eagle come in to help destroy the energy blockage and to carry off the debris.

When directed by spirit, the shaman uses other tools used such as crystals or colored cloths.

At the end of a session, the chakras are returned to their normal size by using the rattle. The shaman then performs a quick scan of the client’s body energy and aura, and then may do a little hands-on work if more tweaking is needed.

Afterwards, the shaman and the client share what was seen or felt by either of them during the session.

Most shamanic healing sessions are one hour but a thirty minute can also be helpful.

Distance Healing Session

Energy healing has no boundaries or limitations.

  Soul Retrieval: $60
  All other sessions: $50

To schedule a healing session:

Contact Kathy Bastien by phone or e-mail to arrange a time.

Payment can be securely made through PayPal with either a PayPal account or any credit card.

At the arranged time of the session, Kathy will energetically connect with you and perform the healing.