Benefits and Dynamics of Shamanic and Energy Healing

  • Relieves both physical and emotional pain
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Increases energy
  • Relieves negative thoughts
  • Helps one regain a positive outlook towards life
  • Relieves stress and tension
  • Clears obstacles
  • Helps attract abundance through the positive outlook on life

During emotional or physical illness, our energy field becomes unbalanced. Energy healing has the ability to re-balance the energy field, therefore restoring the health of the individual on all body levels - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Likewise this healing affects plants and animals.

The process of energy healing like Reiki or Shamanic Healing rejuvenates and restores blocked energy from both the aura and chakra systems (major energy fields in the body).

During a treatment, a gentle transfer of Qi is sent to the client raising the vibration of the client to match the practitioner's vibration. This transfer is accomplished through the use of touch, or with a variety of tools such as drumming, feather smudging, rattles, singing, color, smoke, and more.

Amazingly, healing through energy transfer can be done with the client present or at a distance.

As energy is transferred, it promotes a feeling of balance, inner peace, joy and a feeling of being mentally and emotionally cleansed for the receiver, therefore relieving pain and discomfort. Each person is unique in what they will feel.

Energy healing works well along with western medicine to improve health in ways that working on the physical level only cannot. Try a session and see how well it can compliment your health and wellness!